Poems and Dreams CD

Poems and Dreams:  A performance and recording project of 5 original works for flute and piano.

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"Poems and Dreams" encourages collaboration among performers and composers and enhances the literature available to concert flutists and pianists. With 7 artists involved, this project provides new, creative  experiences for all kinds of listeners and players. 

Performers: Rebecca Jeffreys, flute; Alexander Timofeev, piano

The original scores musically bring to life the beauty of the land and the culture of Canada's people, storytelling through song, painting sound via special effects and celebration of dance forms.

CD released October 2016. Buy your Copy Here

Original Cover artwork by Jeffrey Hoover


"Byzantine Dances (2016) by Russell Nadel begins with the pianist inside and out of the piano, and later has him drumming on the lid. It’s an assortment of folk-like and modal cliches without the pejorative meaning. If that sounds impossible, you have to hear the accessible result...

American Record Guide, May / June 2017 (read full review here)


"Upon listening to Poems and Dreams, a collection of original works superbly performed by flutist Rebecca Jeffreys and pianist Alexander Timofeev, you will be convinced that new music is alive and thriving." - Sherry Kloss, The Triangle (read full review here)


"Flutist Rebecca Jeffreys, though not well known in this part of the world, has accomplished a great deal as a performer, teacher and music director. The notes make it clear that Jeffreys has a personal connection with most if not all of the composers. For example, composer Kevin Walker is the owner of the recording studio where the recording was made, and was co-executive producer of the CD with Jeffreys. The CD also makes it apparent that Jeffreys is part of a lively and creative musical circle, from which, I hope, there will be more to come. Of the five, the works which stood out for me were the second movement of Jeffrey Hoover’s Romantic Sonata – Poems of Light, with its lyrical writing for both instruments, and Walker’s Flute Suite in D Major, a very accomplished piece of work. Adrienne Albert’s Acadian Dreams utilized Cajun music and was a tribute to Jeffreys’ father’s Acadian ancestry. It is encouraging to see evidence like this of a vibrant music culture hidden from view in the United States. May it continue to prosper."

Allan Pulker , The Whole Note (Canada)


"I've been listening to Rebecca Jeffreys' new album in my car for the past few days, and I suspect I will be listening to it for quite some time. What an amazing collection of new pieces for flute and piano, beautifully played by Rebecca and Alexander! Bravissimo!!"  -MarJorie



Pictured L-R: Russell Nadel, Alexander Timofeev, Rebecca Jeffreys, Kevin Walker, Jeffrey Hoover


"Jeffreys and Timofeev’s flute and piano collaboration Poems and Dreams, sparkles with life and dance like qualities.  The happy and outgoing moments are interspersed with absolutely beautiful, poignant and introspective moments. It is a joy hearing the different styles that the different composers have to offer and the stories that they each portray with their own personal flair."  -Vanessa Porter, professional violinist  www.greendotjourney.com




About this new music:

“Flute Suite #3" by Kevin W. Walker was inspired by Kevin's first taste of independence as a young adult in Philadelphia. Each movement musically portrays a moment in his life of awe, excitement and growth that comes with adulthood. Kevin studied at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, majoring in composition and piano.  After attending a seminar given by a John Corigliano (two-time grammy and oscar award winner) Kevin was invited to study privately with him. While studying with Corigliano, Kevin pursued a masters degree at the City University of New York. In 2004, he won best film score at the NYU Film Festival. Kevin W. Walker owns and operates MSound Recording Studios in Philadelphia, PA. www.msoundrecordingstudios.com

"Romantic Sonata- Poems of Light" by Jeffrey Hoover. This particular work was the second work Jeffrey and Rebecca collaborated on with Molly Lozeau, pianist. Rebecca requested certain elements to be considered such as how the flute can blend with the piano and different tone colors it can produce. She also gave Jeffrey the option of utilizing extended techniques to further the experience. Movement one introduces a happy, soaring melody over lush and rhythmic piano lines.  Movement two is full of nontraditional sounds resulting from altered fingerings, quarter tone tunings and harmonics. Movement three, which starts with a heart beat, came from Rebecca’s desire to have a melody hidden within large flourishes, demonstrating the dexterity of the flute. His first collaboration with Rebecca and Molly, Golden, can be heard on line:  As with other works by Hoover, there are also paintings he has created that visually interpret the music.  Each painting represents one movement and may be projected in performance so the audience can both hear and see the ideas and emotions alive in the music.  They are titled with the same names as each movement.  Jeffrey Hoover is the director of the B.A in Integrated Arts at the University of Baltimore.  www.reverbnation.com/jeffreyhoover

"Acadian Dreams" celebrates Rebecca’s Canadian heritage. The work’s first inspiration is the beauty of the eastern islands; blue sky, the water and the land that the Acadians lived on. The middle section captures the mood and sadness that William Wadsworth Longfellow wrote about in “Evangeline,” the poem of the Acadian’s expulsion from New Brunswick. And finally, her the work ends on an uplifting Jazzy mood, honoring the musical traditions that became iconic to New Orleans, the new home of the Acadians (Cajuns). Adrienne has received yearly consecutive ASCAP Awards, several Meet The Composer grants and a number of Copying Assistance Program grants. www.adriennealbert.com

"Intermezzo" was a wonderful gift from Rebecca’s colleague, Francis Kayali. It was first premiered at St. Anselm College in 2014 and repeated at the Back Cove Contemporary Music Festival in Portland, Maine. Rebecca and Francis have since brought other premieres to St. Anselm College and composer’s festivals in Maine.  Intermezzo begins with a Prelude in which the piano introduces  a stream of notes that lyrically ebb and flow. As the flute enters and develops this idea, the movement’s waltz-like qualities emerge. The Prelude ends in a celebratory mood. Like Chopin’s Nocturnes, the second movement (subtitled “Midnight Stroll”) is peaceful, dreamy, and nostalgic, alternating between moments of warmth and icy drafts. Its eerie middle section evokes a setting reminiscent of the snowy Belorussian village in Marc Chagall’s “The Fiddler.” The set concludes with a brief and witty Capriccio that layers a jazzy melody over an erratic, funk-like bass line. Additionally, Francis composed “Concertino,”a flute concerto which Rebecca will premiere with the Woodbridge Flute Choir in honor of their 20th anniversary. www.franciskayali.com

"Byzantine Dances" by Russell Nadel.  His newest work draws on dance music from diverse regions around the world.  If you listen carefully, you might hear echoes of Spanish flamenco, Jewish hora and klezmer, Bulgarian horo, and more!  This work will also heavily utilize the characteristic, colorful, and unique scales and melodic modes common to these cultures and their heritages. Russell has had original compositions commissioned and performed by adult and children’s performing ensembles in the United States and Canada, and has won a variety of awards for his compositions at the local, national and international levels. www.russellnadel.com



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