Artist's Statement

Artist's statement:

I’ve been a flutist for many years.  For me, it is the tool that allows me to be musically creative.  From classical and folk, to Eastern and avant-garde music, my love of the flute has taken me across the globe, both figuratively and literally.

When I perform, I strive to present concerts of high artistic quality, keeping in mind the needs and expectations of individual audiences.   One passion of mine is performing new compositions.  I believe that the repertoire needs this:  people renewing the repertoire by creating new works that reflect ideals and aspects of present day society.  Flute playing for me is a tool to communicate when spoken words fail me. New compositions, and old, all have the same goal of delivering an emotional message to their listener. Nothing makes me happier tean when a listener says I touched their heart in some way.  That is when I know I have connected with the music and the listener has too!

An important aspect of being an artist is teaching others about music. The love of music is perhaps the most important of motivations for any musician at any level, and sharing that love is something vitally important to me.  I do this as a college professor and a private flute studio instructor.  I also have great satisfaction when I lead a masterclasses, providing objective ideas about how to improve one’s flute playing, how to become a better musician and the importance of being a good person.

Looking towards the future, I will continue to play and grow through collaboration with other musicians and composers. Seeking out new timbres and ideas while exploring traditional classics, I aim to deliver innovative concerts with a nod to the familiar.

I invite you to visit my Youtube Channel to hear samples of some of my favorite works.


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